Our Committees

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The Norristown Chapter has several committees.


Economic Development Committee

Economic Development Chairperson: TBA

Economic Development Goals:

  • Establishment: To establish a NAACP economic development presence in the Norristown area. To provide training in the principles of economic development.
  • Employment: To work with other committees to establish employment opportunities for Norristown residents and businesses in County development projects.

Education Committee

Education Chairperson: Bonita Kent Hadrick

Educational Goals:

  • Empowerment: To empower students, parents and local advocates to assess their local schools, school districts, and state educational agencies through data collection research on important educational equity issues.
  • Prevention: To prevent racial discrimination in educational programs and services.
  • Attendance: To address truancy, absenteeism and the drop-out rate of students in the Norristown Area School District.
  • Advancement: To help in advancing the educational excellence in schools and promoting an equal opportunity education agenda.


Freedom Fund Committee

Freedom Fund Goals:

  • Funds: To assist the branch by raising funds through planned events.
  • Support: To reach out in community groups and businesses to solicit support.

Health Committee

Health Chairperson: Tonya Sims

Health Goal:

  • Promote & Advocate: One goal is to work to promote, protect and maintain health of African Americans. Also to advocate for equal access to health education, care, treatment and research for all Americans.


Legal Redress Committee

Legal Redress Goals:

  • Broadening Relationships: To broaden relationships with other local agencies as well as to work with law enforcement agencies to promote fair hiring practices.To create a legal information resource area.To offer educational aid on how to handle common issues addresses through the Legal Redress Committee.

Membership Committee

Membership Chairperson: Barbara Milligan

Membership Goals:

  • Recruitment: To recruit Committee Chairs, Life Members and Youth Members.
  • Research & Implementation: To research and implement national membership campaigns as well as local branch membership drives.
  • Maintain: To develop systems to maintain and monitor procedures for new membership processing and renewals.


Political Action Committee

Political Action Goals:

    • Empowerment: To empower the community by increasing awareness and participation in local, state and national elections.

Partnership: Form partnerships with community organizations to promote voter registration and education.

Religious Affairs Committee

Religious Affairs Chairperson:

  • Develop/Promotion: The goal of the Religious Affairs committee is to develop and promote programs to give moral and ethical interpretations to the civil rights struggle. Also to enlist the support of faith based organizations to NAACP work.